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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.

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Tao Xi Chuan Spring and Autumn Fair plays the dominant role of Tao Xi Chuan, the Spring Fair in 2019 will be cored with the slogan of New Vi...
June 28 is a special day for Tao Xichuan. On this day, we gather short video industry elites to explore the future blueprint of short video...
Somebody said, the child, the jewel, the feather, the flower, these beings are the praise of creation, the beauty that can be felt without w...
Tao Xichuan Art Museum of CAFA holds "Fairy Tales Reloaded classic new play" children's scene concert together with Tao Xichuan Ke...
Tao Xi Chuan·2019 Jing De Zhen International Marathon
Pay Tribute to Tang Poetry -- Walk into Jing De Zhen Special Concert
Forum on Educational Excursions — Theory and Practice
The Great Digital Show for Visual Experience