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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
Spring and Autumn Fair
Tao Xichuan Spring and Autumn Fair ——2019 Spring Fair
A New World
Spring gathering time: May 3 - May 5, 2019
Activity place: Ceramic Art Avenue, Jingdezhen
Key words: Life, Design, Art, Science and Technology, Experience
Open the door outside, a refreshing analogous city party
Ceramic Art Avenue Spring and Autumn Fair, as the main brand activity of Ceramic Art Avenue, has been held for 3 consecutive sessions. The content and form of each session have been enriched and expanded on the basis of the previous one. In 2019, the Spring Fair will carry out activities around "A New World - New horizons and get together for fun" to create a new feast of coexistence of science, technology and design.
"A New World" is an attitude. When a new perspective is used to understand ceramics, Jingdezhen and Ceramic Art Avenue, feel the new ceramic culture, and feel the unconstrained and hedonic attitude towards life of Ceramic Art Avenue, it is like opening up a new world.
This Spring Fair not only retains the previous fairs, lectures, forums, activities and other parts, but also adds additional links such as AI robot interaction, online popular needle carving device, puzzle solving activities. We hope that in the Spring and Autumn Fair, we can not only enjoy the unique charm brought by art, but also feel the young attitude of Ceramic Art Avenue, creating a dream space with young people as the main body.
From a seed to a cup of coffee, Starbucks devotes its whole effort to every link. Starbucks emphasizes innovation, emphasizes the individualization of products and services, and fully respects China's traditional culture of great antiquity, perfectly integrating local customs into the Starbucks experience. During the Fair, Starbucks Pop-up Store settles in Ceramic Art Avenue, which creates a unique Starbucks experience for you through each cup of quality coffee.
See an exhibition and see a world
“TXC@Sundaymorning- a Taste of Ceramics” International Ceramic Invitational Exhibition, Sundaymorning, International Ceramic Invitational Exhibition, Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery
KPM Berlin & 100 years Bauhaus, KPM, 100 years
72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM, Food Experiment and Design, Art Exhibition
72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM May You Live in Interesting Time, Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery
Four Seasons like a Song, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Western Glory,  Qing Armorial Porcelain, Tang Ying Society
Copper-red Glaze: Color at its Extreme, Exhibition, Ceramic Art Avenue
TXC@Sundaymorning - a Taste of Ceramics
Through ceramic, a bunch of art spark that has collided and burned , showing four hundred years of art communication history between China and Netherlands. Nowadays, both Ceramic Art Avenue and EKWC(the European Ceramic Workcentre) are fully committed to focus on the future thinking and practice of ceramic. Also crossover, face-to-face,communion and possibility are the common goals.
KPM Berlin & 100 years Bauhaus
A hundred years ago, Bauhaus completely changed the world of design. Its clear and concise line form, cold industrial feeling of tubular steel furniture, boldly exposed the primary colors of raw materials, gave birth to an optimistic and positive artistic atmosphere full of vitality.
“The Future of Food – A New Trend in Design” is the first exhibition area of “The Future of Life” of the 2018 Design·China Academy of Fine Arts.

The exhibition is divided into two parts: “Edible Materials” and “Eating Culture Reconstruction”, which vividly demonstrates the domestic and international development trends of the emerging discipline of “food design” and the significance of the times it carries.
Looking for the excellent designer group cultivated in Jing De Zhen, meanwhile we try to use the series exhibition to sort out the vein from the traditional classic ceramics to today's diversified development status.
The exhibition brings together young artists and curators related to Jing De Zhen and ceramics, seeking enough examples of JingDe Zhen ceramics for the entire project of 72 Persons’ Communication in Venice Biennale.
Four Seasons like a Song
The second studio of the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is a studio based on the traditional sculpture teaching system of the Previous Academy of Fine Arts". Meantime, it pays attention to the basic training of sculpture modeling and devotes itself to exploring the contemporary concrete realistic sculpture language.
The exhibition reflects the active creation and thinking state of the teachers and students of the Second Studio in recent years, which is also our ef...
Western Glory - Qing Armorial Porcelain
This exhibition is mainly consisting of inlaid porcelain ordered by the Europe and America families imported from Yong Zheng and Qian Long dynasties of the Qing dynasty, and assisted by the late Qing dynasty (Dao uGang Period of Jia Qing dynasty). The shape types are mainly referring to plates and bowls, and there are also soup cups, vases, teapots and wine glasses. The exhibition form is wonderful by the comparison between actual works and the European historical materials, and with both pictur...
Copper-red Glaze: Color at its Extreme
From tradition to innovation, color glaze has achieved a great improvement in the aspect of craft, but also broke the shackles of thinking, which is the aesthetic pursuit and value orientation endowed by our times.
To the Color series of exhibition, the purpose is to show a group of the excellent color glaze ceramic products, the exhibition of To the Color•Ruby Red is aimed at to let more people be closed to understand and appreciate the ruby red ceramics via exhibition activities, reflecting...
More Exhibition
In the Spring Fair, there will be more kinds of art exhibitions spreading throughout the park, aiming to bring visitors a visual feast...
recommendation
AI robots: robots from Cheetah will roam the streets of the Fair, giving visitors and enthusiasts a wonderful technological performance.

Pavilion of the P.R. of China of the 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia - Station Pavilion (Yiting) Ceramic Art Avenue: "Ting" means stop. In conjunction with the La Biennale di Venezia, the China Pavilion exhibition will also establish a "Station Pavilion" to share information during the fair, so that visitors who have not arrived in Venice can experience the exhibition in different ways.

Large-scale 3D needle carving device: It has the height of an adult. 60,000 steel needles can clone out of a variety of shapes, playing method is simple, and the effect is amazing. Would you like to take a picture of your clone?

Handpan performance: Handpan is a percussion instrument originating from Switzerland, which is similar to UFO and has a clean and clear tone. As a representative of the minority, rare and mysterious musical instruments, handpank will appear at Ceramic Art Avenue during the Fair, bringing visitors a new visual and auditory experience.

"72 Ji" Pop-up Shop: is it not addictive just to see the exhibition? Want to buy some souvenirs? Here, the derivatives of "72 Ji" will meet all your needs!