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Copper-red Glaze: Color at its Extreme

Copper-red Glaze: Color at its Extreme 

Introduction of Exhibition

The purpose of the "Zhise" series exhibition is to show a batch of excellent colored glaze ceramics. The "Zhise Langhong" exhibition aims to let more people know and appreciate Langhong ceramics at close range through the exhibition activities, reflecting the author's inheritance in ceramic technology, innovation in design and research, and ultimate pursuit in quality.

With the progress of the times, all kinds of Chinese ceramic works are going to every corner of the world. High temperature color glaze is very popular because of its rich colors and various varieties, and its unpredictable characteristics of "one color in the kiln, one color in the kiln, and ten thousand colors in the kiln". Due to the unexpected picture effect in the creation process, people's imagination and creativity can be fully stimulated in the creation and appreciation process.

From tradition to innovation, colored glaze has made great progress in technology and has broken the shackles of thought. This is the aesthetic pursuit and value orientation given by our times. People's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improving, requiring art creators to continuously develop their techniques and subject matter to create new ceramic art works with the spirit of the times.

VenueTaoxichuan B10-103, People's Network

Date: May,01,2019 - Jun,01,2019