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Western Glory - Qing Armorial Porcelain

Western Glory - Qing Armorial Porcelain

Introduction of Exhibition

During the Qing Dynasty, the number of brand-named badges exported to Europe and the Americas during the Qianlong and Yongzheng period was the highest, and the number of porcelains in the late Qing Dynasty (Jiaqing and Daoguang period) was relatively small. The types of porcelain are mainly dishes and bowls, as well as soup pots, vases, teapots, wine glasses, etc. The form of the exhibition is in contrast to European historical materials, with pictures and texts. It clearly explain the historical background of the exported porcelain in Jingdezhen in the Qing Dynasty on these exhibitions, and at the same time highlight the significance and specific historical era of foreign aristocrats customizing these porcelains.

At present, no one in China has a special collection of Jingdezhen Armorial Porcelain. This is the second special exhibition in China. It is also the first special exhibition on the Qing Dynasty badge porcelain in Jingdezhen, and it is held in the birthplace of the badge porcelain. The exhibition on academic research is of great significance. This special exhibition gives everyone a chance to learn more about the great contribution of Jingdezhen porcelain to the world. This history represents the glory of Jingdezhen. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the whole world admired the porcelain of Jingdezhen.Their family's glory totem is drawn on the Jingdezhen porcelain to express the honor of the family. These important members of the European and American royal family and the nobility have completed their private order through the cooperation of Guangzhou and Jingdezhen. Guangzhou porcelain merchants accepted orders from Europe and the United States. Secondly, the paintings and requirements brought by the West were delivered to the workshop. The porcelain blanks must be handed over to the workshops in Jingdezhen, and the paintings of the Armorial Porcelain can be completed in Jingdezhen and Guangzhou.

This special exhibition is rich in form, high-quality porcelain, and it is a high-level exhibition. In addition, it will certainly arouse the academic community's high attention to the export of porcelain in Jingdezhen, once again leading the collection and research boom of the Armorial Porcelain of Qing Dynasty. After the first exhibition in Jingdezhen, the exhibition will be launched to conduct roving exhibitions in various places in China to expand academic influence and promote ceramic culture.

Venue: Tang Ying Society,Jingdezhen

Date: Apr,25,2019 - Sep,25,2019