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Four Seasons like a Song

Four Seasons like a Song

Introduction of Exhibition

The teaching of the sculpture department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts has always been carried out in the studio teaching mode of the tutor system. We have also been advancing the teaching landscape for the public and in line with the trend of the new era. Since the Central Academy of Fine Arts moved into the new campus of Huajiadi, the teaching of the sculpture department has shown diversified development. In 2019, Taoxichuan Art Museum of The Central Academy of Fine Arts launched a series of exhibitions in the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This series of exhibitions will be launched based on studios, which will further clarify the teaching system of each studio and show the unique teaching and cultivating talents methods of each studio, as well as teaching achievements gained in recent years, which is also a comprehensive combination and display of the overall teaching and creation of the sculpture department in recent years.

The second studio is a workshop based on the traditional sculpture teaching system of the Quondam Academy of Fine Arts. It focuses on the basic training of sculpture modeling and is dedicated to exploring the language of figurative realistic sculpture. This exhibition was consisted of two parts: the practice work and the creation work. The practice work is the restoration of the daily teaching of the second studio, reflecting the teaching achievements accumulated in the classroom teaching process of the second studio for many years. The creative work was consisted of teachers and students' works, including some outstanding students' graduation works with rich forms, showing different academic personalities in the all students’ works, and also reflecting the studio's diverse and inclusive teaching concept. From the practice work to the creation work, it is the process from discovering the problem to solving the problem, from the inheritance of classical to the creation of contemporary. By the way of displaying the practice work and creation work, we hope to further sort out the internal logic from teaching to practice and cause to thinking about the relationship between practice work in class and creation work in after class.

There are the creation and thinking of teachers and students of this exhibition in the second studio in recent years. It also shows that we are exploring the efforts made by figurative sculptures to enter contemporary art. We hope that this exhibition will lead to the discussion and research on figuration and modeling, and see that the figurative and realistic sculpture language can be given more inclusive, three-dimensional and comprehensive development in the contemporary era.

Venue: Taoxichuan Art Museum of The Central Academy of Fine Arts

Date: Mar,02,2019 - May,06,2019