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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
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72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM May You Live in Interesting Time

72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM - May You Live in Interesting Times

Introduction of Exhibition

Design works are the expression of the designer's ideas, just as the artist expresses his own ideas with his works, but the design works are closer to life and meet more practical needs. In this exhibition, what we want to present to the public is the "birth process" of a good item, the expression of a designer's thoughts and emotions, the story of an original worker. We plan to offer each designer a separate space. The designer presents N parallel worlds in a white box space, exhibiting a piece of the exhibitor's work, and using the work and space to present the meaning expressed by the design work. Let the public feel the original creative ideas of the designer through the exhibition.

Venue: Zone 8 Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery, Jingdezhen 

Date: May,03,2019 - Aug,03,2019