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KPM Berlin & 100 years Bauhaus

KPM Berlin & 100 years Bauhaus

Introduction of Exhibition

A hundred years ago, Bauhaus completely changed the world of design. Its clear and concise line form, cold industrial feeling of tubular steel furniture, boldly exposed the primary colors of raw materials, gave birth to an optimistic and positive artistic atmosphere full of vitality.

For more than 250 years, Berlin's royal porcelain KPM Berlin has been a representative of Berlin's handmade and high-quality design. The prosperous metropolis has always been her home of infinite artistic inspiration. Pioneers of design such as Gerhard Marcks and Marguerite Riedlaender-Wildenhain, representative artists Enzo Mari and Thomas Wenzel of the Bauhaus period, and famous designers and artists of modernist style are all the creators and participants of Berlin porcelain. Their design is praised as "the presentation of avant-garde art in daily life" and is the expression form of the highest taste art style today.

The exhibition will feature KPM's original Bauhaus design collection and the Bauhaus 100th Anniversary Limited Edition.

Venue: Taoxichuan Flagship Store 2nd floor Lecture Hall

Date: May,03,2019 - May,31,2019