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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
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TXC@Sundaymorning - a Taste of Ceramics

TXC@Sundaymorning - a Taste of Ceramics

Introduction of Exhibition

Through ceramic, a bunch of art spark that has collided and burned , showing four hundred years of art communication history between China and Netherlands. Nowadays, both Ceramic Art Avenue and EKWC(the European Ceramic Workcentre) are fully committed to focus on the future thinking and practice of ceramic. Also crossover, face-to-face,communion and possibility are the common goals. Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery has always pay attention to the promotion and popularization of modern and contemporary ceramic art. For the coming of EKWC’s 50th anniversary,  EKWC and Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery held“TXC@Sundaymorning- a Taste of Ceramics” International Ceramic Invitational Exhibition together by taking the“ceramic capital” Jingdezhen as a place of resource integration , standing on the shoulder of thousand years of traditional ceramic culture, looking to the future possibility of ceramic.

During the exhibition, relevant academic lectures, various public educational activities will be hold , and cooperate with international pioneer art institutions and cultural embassies of various countries and other forces. try to let this exhibition be presented and shared in more cities,  we can imagine the future opportunities of ceramic together .

Hosted by: Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue, European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC)

Venue: Zone 1,2,6,7 Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery, Jingdezhen

Date: Apr,20,2019 - Jul,20,2019