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72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM“Food Experiment and Design

72 JI YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM“Food Experiment and Design in the Spring and Autumn - 'Food - centered Design Forum 2019' ”

Forum details

Food design has been developed from the beginning of the west for more than 20 years, and has spread to China where "food is the most important thing for the people" in recent years. It is actually flourishing.  "Food design",  is that it starts from the cognition of edible organisms and materials, develops but not only the synesthesia of color, aroma and presentation, and people's attitude towards things is its placement and attribution. The direction of "design" here can be the cognition and expression of a kind of life attitude, the enjoyment of personal rich sensory experience, the cause of triggering some social malpractice phenomenon, or the solution to save spiritual poverty.

This forum is honored to invite designers, artists, scholars, writers, entrepreneurs and other outstanding figures in professional fields, all of whom have made considerable research achievements in life and diet. Welcome everyone here to share the bright afternoon in Jingdezhen in early summer and listen to the voice of the predecessors in their own way.

Contents of the forum:

1. A family dinner in spring

2. In the name of coffee

3. Noodles, Chicken Legs and Michelin

4. Look who is competing with the world in the six tea categories! ?

5. Why do you become what you eat?


Venue: Taoxichuan Flagship Store 2nd floor Lecture Hall

Date: 14:00-17:30 May,04,2019