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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
Introduction to tao xichuan

Based on the protection and utilization of the heritage of ceramic industry, tao xichuan is a compound project integrating industrial development and upgrading with new towns. It is a regional name as well as a brand name.Project with ceramic culture as the base, with wen gen industry formats, and makes the traditional + fashion + + high-tech cities and blocks, implements the traditional and modern production and life, culture and science and technology, the depth of the fusion, become a new landmark, the culture of jingdezhen city new business CARDS, high attention by the social from all walks of life, formed the "TaoXiChuan" phenomenon.

Has won national, provincial honor more than 40, was placed on the qualification of the ministry of culture first batch of national cultural industry demonstration zone to create list, ministry of national industrial heritage list, the first Chinese industrial heritage list of China association for science and technology, the third batch of Chinese architectural heritage projects of the 20th century, the central Taiwan strait youth employment entrepreneurship base, ministry of double repairing and upgrading of industry park integrating urban planning demonstration model.It won the United Nations asia-pacific heritage protection innovation award, the most influential Chinese copyright enterprise of 2018, and the best traditional promotion national 4A scenic spot of China cultural industrial park in 2017.Get in jiangxi province, the first modern service industry agglomeration area, the provincial cultural industry demonstration base, provincial demonstration base of ecological civilization, pilot service industry agglomeration area in the province, the provincial youth (college students) on demonstration base, the province's first business integration development demonstration area, the province the first double gen demonstration base, business incubation demonstration base, the province May Day labor diploma, model industrial park, with harmonious labor relations, etc.

Porcelain industry as the core of the universe with the original project launch area, by structural modification, environment, energy engineering, has a ceramic industrial heritage museum, art galleries, narathiwat sook studies education platform, the city space, art center, as well as the cultural theme hotel, green guest Shared apartment, ceramic art training, music education, and other supporting services, and brand experience shop into multiple formats, to highlight the cultural kernel, successful transition into industrial heritage, and upgrade the industrial development samples.Through strong investment at the same time, the introduction of domestic and international fashion brands and well-known institutions, 173, including China, the central academy of fine arts center, People's Daily online, northern Europe, and the book got 3 d printing, ceramics, yunnan YunTao, kung fu small porcelain, kopi luwak, guomao hotel, etc., as well as many foreign art institutions, form diverse forms, multidimensional space.

Taoxichuanyi space creates "jingpiao" youth creative incubator and dream-making space, integrating creative market, offline mall, online flagship store, yiyan lecture hall and yikou pioneer, accumulating more than 10,000 jingpiao youth, successfully incubating 1241 entrepreneurial entities, which has aroused strong response in jiangxi and even the whole country.In addition to creative ceramics and traditional ceramics, the market added animation, food ware, flowers and flower ware, tea and tea ware, antique towards the market, and other forms of business further enriched.At the same time, hand in hand in the mainstream media xinhua, People's Daily, the phoenix net increase brand awareness, brand image store into the Palace Museum, Beijing international trade mall, chongqing magnetic device mouth, will also be extended to shaanxi tongchuan, longquan, zhejiang province, with the aid of TaoXiChuan brand effect, promote products, content, the output of the talent, is committed to building ceramic industry content providers.

Enhance cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and further establish tao xichuan's world brand image.Has successfully held more than 100 high grade, high quality art exhibition, including the central academy of fine large art exhibition "civilization echo - dunhuang, the originality of era", the dimension of the sculptor, art JiaoLiuZhan, China and the United States national memory, the friendly cooperation between China and the United States images of the war, 2018 institute of international printmaking alliance exhibition, the Nordic international art festival, "TXC @ Sunday morning a Taste of international TaoYiZhan Ceramics" and other activities, each year invited more than 50 international artists on site creation, public lectures and academic report, exhibition,Share international vision and forward-looking thinking, and become a place of tourism research and learning for art youth at home and abroad.

Tao xichuan is still growing and will be 10 times larger in the future.Has started the second phase of construction, investment 5.8 billion yuan, covers the art and science and technology laboratory, phoenix mountain mountain camp, railway park, college of art, JingPiao studio, book exhibition hall, hall, contemporary museums, theaters, cinemas, dynamic space, JingPiao and student apartments, commercial catering blocks, finance, hotel, office and residential, and many other sectors, construct the big TaoXiChuan of 2 square kilometers.