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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
Taoxichuan Creative Theme Market
Taoxichuan Creative Theme Market is the one that is added to the regular market in Taoxichuan during national holidays to meet the needs of tourists. Up to now, Ceramic Art Avenue has launched several Taoxichuan creative theme market such as flower markets in Tanabata Festival, children’s markets in Children's Day, Thousands Cups markets and Handmade markets successfully.
Taoxichuan flower market: flower-themed special market. Here you can see flowers, dried flowers, succulents, floriculture, flower bonsai (small), gardening (small), flower vases and so on.
Children’s market: children-themed market which major in toys, dolls, children’s books and other children-themed goods. Here children could sell and exchange their treasures which could be an unforgettable experience.
Thousands Cups market: cup-themed market. Here you can see cups in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials. This is a big event for cup lovers, don’t miss it.
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Tao Xi Chuan Art Revenue, 150#, Xin Chang Xi Road, Zhu Shan District, Jing De Zhen City, Jiang Xi Province.