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Tao Xichuan, create for life.
It cooperates with top domestic and overseas art institutions to create a new platform for culture and art.
Create for life——a platform for young people to realize their dreams.
It establishes a platform for the growth of young people, the progress of youth, and the exchange of international artists.
It is a supplier of fine living that meets all your needs.
The souvenir, is art, but also life.
Weekend Market
The most unique landscape in Tao Xi Chuan Art Revenue is the weekend market. This is a window that is connecting with the world's ceramic art, and a homeland for entrepreneurs, dream-makers and strivers.
Friday and Sunday, 16:30-21:30
How to make you stall be attractive in Tao Xi Chuan?
Great passions
Especially the requisite passions of dream-creating
First of all, your works should have great and unique ingenuity
Secondly, strong originality of your works are highly recommended
All presented works must be done by yourself
Ebb tide
Finally, you are offered with the chance to come to the market for its ordeal
Themselves in their each story, will bloom gorgeous fireworks
Yi Space
The young people, who are very popular at the fair, are accredited to have free access to the house as below, which is called as the Yi Space by us
Opening Hours
Summer time:13:30 - 21:30
Winter time: 14:00 - 21:30
It is closed in daytime and opened at night on each Tuesday (17:00 - 21:30)
The accredited young people of Yi Space are called Yi Vendor.